Nasal function testing

This can be carried out by:

* Airflow measurements n

Rhinomanometry: simultaneous trans-nasal pressure and airflow recording; e which can be anterior, posterior or post-nasal; o

Peak nasal airflow; t e

Acoustic rhinometry; e

Radiological imaging to assess the cross-sectional area of the nasal passages ■S,

(computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging).

* Ciliary function testing: saccharin taste test, which measures the time taken to taste saccharin in the back of the throat after application to the anterior tip of the inferior nasal turbinate. A time greater than 30 minutes is abnormal. Ciliated epithelium can be obtained by nasal brush biopsy of the inferior nasal turbinate and the sample is processed at 37 °C to determine ciliary beat frequency, and to assess the ciliary beat pattern by slow motion analysis. Ciliary ultrastructure can be assessed by transmission electron microscopy.

* Tests of olfaction using smell bottles.

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