The renal circulation

This consists of, in sequence, several orders of branches of the renal artery, including:

Interlobar arteries h e

Arcuate arteries e

Cortical radial (interlobular) arteries l i

Afferent arterioles c c

Glomerular capillary tufts t

Efferent arterioles n

Descending vasa recta

Capillary plexus at medullary level

Ascending vasa recta

Arcuate veins

Interlobular veins

Arcuate veins

Interlobar veins

The kidney is unique in possessing two capillary networks in series, each with a preceding arteriole. These are the glomerular bed and the peritubular capillary bed. The glomerular capillary pressure is much higher than that of any other capillary bed in the body, this being a reflection of its interposition between two arteriolar systems.

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