Excretion of Organic Substances ••• 160 Reabsorption of Na+and Cl- ••• 162

Reabsorption of Water, Formation of Concentrated Urine ••• 164

Disturbances of Salt and Water Homeostasis ••• 172

Reabsorption and Excretion of Phosphate, Ca2+and Mg2+ ••• 178

Tubuloglomerular Feedback, Renin-Angiotensin System ••• 184

Cardiovascular System 186

Blood Vessels and Blood Flow ••• 188 Cardiac Cycle ••• 190

Cardiac Impulse Generation and Conduction ••• 192

Excitation in Electrolyte Disturbances ••• 198

Ventricular Pressure-Volume Relationships ••• 202

Endothelial Exchange Processes ••• 208

Thermal Balance and Thermoregulation

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