Unequal pupils (anisocoria) — The pupils may be unequal because of head trauma or may only be an incidental finding.

Loss of clumps of hair (alopecia) — Natural disease, such as stress, or abuse.

Petechiae — Pinpoint hemorrhages of the eyes, eyelids, face or upper chest. Not to be confused with

Tardieu spots which occur with long term settling of blood. Petechiae of the eyes suggests suffocation, however, sudden death from heart disease can cause them. Petechiae of the face, neck, and chest suggests a compression asphyxiation.

Poor dentition — Poor hygiene, seen in chronic alcoholism, drug abuse, or low socioeconomic conditions.

Swollen parotid glands — On the side of the face; due to chronic alcoholism.

Blood emanating from the nose mouth — Trauma or bleeding from bleeding of the stomach or esophagus from cancer or alcoholism.

Blue lips — Heart or lung disease.

Sunken eyes — Dehydration; also associated with tenting (skin doesn't return to normal when pulled).

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