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Drosophila melanogaster

The fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster was chosen by Thomas Hunt Morgan nearly 100 years ago as a model system for working out the basic mechanisms of inheritance, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1933. Relative to nematodes, there is a more comprehensive set of classical genetic tools available due to the long history of genetic research in flies, and sequence conservation between flies and humans is somewhat higher.86 Its small body size, short generation time (2 weeks), large...

Michael D West Introduction to Aging

In the course of human development, one observes a progressive increase in body size and maturation until sexual maturity is attained. Having reached this summit, the body then shows a progressive degeneration with the passage of time, a phenomenon frequently referred to as aging. The reason for the maturation phase may seem obvious, but why we age has remained a conundrum. As G.C. Williams once observed, It is indeed remarkable that after a seemingly miraculous feat of morphogenesis a complex...

Inuit berry pickers between 1900 and ca 1930 Library of Congress Prints Photographs Division

The earliest primates, being small, most probably had a predominately insectivorous diet. Small mammals lose body heat more quickly than larger creatures, so they need a mainly carnivorous diet in order to maintain the higher metabolic rate required to compensate for this heat loss. Plant foods generally take longer to digest. Thus a mainly plant-based diet was only possible for primates who evolved to a size that limited their heat loss and thus reduced their...

Pitfalls of multispecies data

This section considers a comparative hypothesis for which phylogenetic and non-phylogenetic tests give very different results. Use is made of the analogy between comparative analyses and experiments Harvey and Pagel, 1991 Read and Nee, 1995 Rees, 1995 Nee et al, 1996 to show why the non-phylogenetic result cannot be taken at face value. Dixson and Purvis in press investigated the evolution of the baculum penile bone in primates. One hypothesis is that some lineages have evolved relatively long...