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This eBook from Jenny Bolton is a must-have for anyone woman who has ever felt like less of a woman because of the size her breasts. If you have ever wished that you have biggest breasts and feel self-conscious about your lack of size, this eBook teaches you the best ways to increase your size. Jenny was able to go from an A cup to a C cup, and she can teach you to do the same thing in this ebook guide. You can be the envy of every woman around you and the center of attention for every man that is close by. It can take less than 5 weeks to grow your breasts to the size that you want them! You will be able to wear sexy clothes that cling to your curves, wear dresses that show off what you've got going on, and get more attention from men! More here...

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This book comes with the great features it has and offers you a totally simple steps explaining everything in detail with a very understandable language for all those who are interested.

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C-Cup Code Natural Breast Enhancement

This eBook guide shows you the best way to naturally enhance the size of your breasts, without having to use drugs or dangerous chemicals in an attempt to increase your size. This method will give you beautiful cleavage and amazing curves Without a push-up bra. This eBook was developed by women who are tired of trying method after method that just doesn't work. This method was created by people like you who have no time for schemes that just don't work. You will learn the big secret: breast size is all about hormones. No cream can help you; only hormones will naturally increase your size. So stop using trial-and-error and scam methods to get bigger breasts; all it takes are the natural hormones that your body produces. This eBook gives the scientifically-based way to enhance your breasts This book is all it takes! More here...

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Bigger Breast Formula

Bigger Breast Formula is an eBook that shows you different herbs and exercises you can use to grow your breast from small breast to voluptuous breast within 3 to 4 months. The methods taught by this book are 100% natural and completely dependent on herbs and exercises. The book will also teach you foods to eat to aid fast breast growth and certain foods you must avoid. It is perfect for women of all ages who are embarrassed by the small breast and want to naturally increase it without risking breast cancer through plastic surgery or implant. The product was created by Sahar Perske from her grandmother's recipe. The author also claimed she used the same formula you will get to increase her own breast from 32A to 34C. All her friends got a similar result when they tried the product. You will get 24/7 live support and well as money back guarantee when you get the product. More here...

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Best Kept Secrets To Natural Breast Enlargement

Most natural breast enlargement formulators truly believe what works for one will work for all. But with 10 Best Kept Secrets you get to have control. You choose the method or technique that works best for you. In 10 Best Kept Secrets , you'll discover: How to maintain breast health with a simple daily routine. A simple power drink that helps you keep healthy breast tissue , even while losing weight! What to do about uneven breast size. Do Pills, Creams and Gadgets really work? More here...

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Sources of Estrogens in Women

A new synthetic steroid tibolone with a combination of weak estrogenic, progestoge-nic, and androgenic activity is also available for HRT (14). Additionally, selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMS), such as raloxifene are used for the treatment of osteoporosis and it is likely that vascular-specific SERMS will also soon be available (15). Furthermore, phytoestrogens, a diverse group of compounds found in various plant-derived foods and beverages, can have both estrogenic and antiestrogenic effects (16).

Alternative Therapies to Hormone Replacement Therapy

Phytoestrogens are a group of natural compounds that have both estrogen agonist and antagonist properties and could be considered as natural SERMs. There is growing evidence from epidemiological and experimental studies that consumption of phytoestrogens has beneficial effects on the risk of CHD (100,101). Soy phytoestrogens have shown beneficial effects on endothelium-dependent vasodilation and the development of atherosclerosis in nonhuman primates (102,103). Some studies in postmenopausal women, but not all, have shown improvements on lipid profiles and endothelial function (104). Clinical end-point data from randomized trials are not available to make recommendations regarding use of soy phytoestrogens for prevention of CVD.

Conclusions and Future Directions

The possible use of lower doses of estrogen, novel estrogen agonists including vascular SERMs, combination of SERMs or phytoestrogens with low-dose estrogens are some future directions to explore. In short, using the words of an expert in this field 'the final chapter of this fascinating story has not yet been written (106). For the time being HRT is suspended for the primary or secondary prevention of CVD in postmenopausal women.

Example The Estrogen Receptor

Naturally occurring estrogens are steroid hormones, such as the endogenous ligand 17b-estradiol. Apart from this endogenous ligand, the estrogen receptor is known to show affinity for a wide range of structurally diverse compounds, including synthetic estrogens, phytoestrogens, pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).106-110 PAHs are products of incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, wood, and other organic matter and as such are ubiquitous in the environment. Oxidative biotransformation by cytochrome P450 introduces hydroxyl groups, which results in structures that can mimic estradiol.111-113 Everyday foodstuffs are another source of estrogenlike compounds. Some foods are known to contain a wide range of phytoestrogens, such as the isoflavonoids genistein and daidzain that show estrogenic activity in vitro and in vivo. The most important human sources of these isoflavonoids are soybeans and soybean products.114 Although the production...

Database Screening And Ligandreceptor Docking

Two recent studies demonstrate the utility of ligand-receptor docking approaches. In one study 84 , a series of structural diverse estrogenic compounds, including steroids, phytoestrogens, and polychlorinated biphenyls of known activity, were docked to the crystal structure of estrogen receptor alpha (ERa) and an ERp structural model constructed using homology modeling. In both cases a strong correlation (R2 > 0.82) was found between values of BE and the relative binding affinity (RBA). Key insights were obtained about mechanisms of action and ligand selectivity. Compounds such as 16a-bromo-17p-estradiol and genistein exhibited selectivity for ERa and ERp, respectively, as may have physiological implications given the known differential tissue distribution of these two ER isoforms. Calculated BE values reflected the observed degree of ERa ERp selectivity for this series of ligands, as indicated by the strong correlation (R2 0.76) between the ratio of RBA values and the ratio of BE...


Silicone refers to a group of polymers. Silicon is the fundamental element of this group. Silica, SiO2, is polymerized with methyl groups to form silicone. Extending the length and cross-linking of the polymer affects the form the material takes. Progressive formation of silicone gel and silicone rubber is the result. The material's form has a significant influence on acceptance by host tissue. Silicone rubber is nonporous and does not form particles. Silicone gel has been used primarily for breast augmentation, but it has also been used in a cured form to improve nasal contour.31 The risk of migration and significant inflammatory reaction has been documented in the literature and should therefore preclude its use in this form. Because it lacks pores and is relatively stable, silicone rubber or Silastic is less likely to initiate an inflammatory

Transgenic Plants

If you are worried about cancer you should take note of the fact that 99.99 percent of the carcinogens in your food supply are natural chemicals that humans have been eating for thousands of years. However, GM technology provides the means of increasing levels of phytoestrogens, isoflavones, carotenoids, and other antioxidants known to prevent cancer.

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