Current Criteria

1. Asymptomatic infrarenal or common iliac aneurysm

2. Anatomy suitable for repair

3. Aneurysm neck length > 10-15 mm

4. External and common iliac arteries must accommodate the device (> 8 mm) Technique

Procedures are performed in a dedicated endovascular suite with operative capabilities. Angiographic instrumentation includes a fixed angiographic table, fluoros-copy with digital subtraction and magnification and endovascular ultrasound. Patients are usually done under regional or general anesthesia. Local has been done in some instances.

Bilateral femoral artery cut downs are performed with arterotomy. A 20-27°F sheath is introduced to facilitate transfer of the device. The endovascular graft is introduced over a wire and deployed with fluoroscopic and ultrasonic assistance. Bifurcated grafts are deployed on one side initially with the second limb deployed and tied in subsequently.

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