Laparoscopic Appendectomy

One randomized study suggests that even though hospital stay was about the same, patients undergoing laparoscopic appendectomy returned to work in 7 versus 10 days. They also had fewer wound infections. However, laparoscopy was associated with a greater number of intraabdominal abscesses (5% versus 1%) and a longer operating time (60 versus 40 minutes). Finally, almost a fourth of 285 patients randomized to laparoscopy required conversion to open appendicectomy. Nonetheless, the patients who underwent laparoscopy were more pleased with their cosmetic surgery.4 Another study suggests that laparoscopic appendectomy at least had no obvious disadvantages.4

In defense of laparoscopy, it has proved its worth in certain circumstances, for example in women of child-bearing age, due to its increased diagnostic value. Additionally, in obese or heavily muscles individuals where larger incisions and excessive retraction may be required, laparoscopy has turned out to be the preferred modality for many.4

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