Molecular Staging

Molecular staging utilizes markers specific to a tumor of interest to minimize missed submicroscopic disease and therefore false negatives. Tyrosinase is an enzyme involved in the synthesis of melanin in normal melanocytes. It is specific to melanoma cells and is not expressed in normal lymph nodes. Use of reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) to detect tyrosinase mRNA and has been applied in many studies as a marker for melanocytes or melanoma cells. Patients that are histologically positive for melanoma are RT-PCR positive in 94-100% of cases. RT-PCR has also been shown to upstage 13-65% of patients with histologically negative nodes were RT-PCR positive.

The vast majority of melanoma patients with histologically positive sentinel lymph nodes (SLN) have no additional positive lymph nodes detected upon completion lymph node dissection (CLND). This information suggests that CLND may not be required for all patients with positive SLN. This study was conducted to determine the presence of micrometastasis with RT-PCR in the CLND specimen in those patients with histologically positive SLN and histologically negative nonSLN.

How To Prevent Skin Cancer

How To Prevent Skin Cancer

Complete Guide to Preventing Skin Cancer. We all know enough to fear the name, just as we do the words tumor and malignant. But apart from that, most of us know very little at all about cancer, especially skin cancer in itself. If I were to ask you to tell me about skin cancer right now, what would you say? Apart from the fact that its a cancer on the skin, that is.

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