Table 122 Genes involved in colon cancer

ras gene mutation (oncogene) Chromosome 5q - APC

Chromosome 17p - p53 (tumor suppressor gene) Chromosome 18q - DCC (deleted in colorectal carcinoma) Chromosome 2p - hMSH2 Chromosome 3 - hMSH1

In 1998 Medicare changed their reimbursement guidelines to allow for coverage of screening colonoscopy. A recent study found that patients with small adenomas found on flexible sigmoidoscopy had proximal neoplasms found in 29% of patients.

Virtual colonoscopy in on the horizon to provide an early screening test that is clearly less invasive and possibly more acceptable to the public. Early studies suggest a good sensitivity for 5 mm sized polyps; however, more recent work suggests this to be more on the order of 67%. Further research is warrants and as rendering technology improves so too will the images.

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