Table 124 Surgical procedures based on cancer location

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Tumor Location Procedure

Cecum and ascending colon

Left transverse colon to splenic flexure

Descending and sigmoid colon

Proximal third of rectum 5-10 cm from anal verge Distal third of rectum

Right hemicolectomy. Resect distal ileum to mid transverse colon with ileocolic, right and middle colic with mesentery Extended right hemicolectomy or transverse colectomy. Resect transverse and proximal descending colon with middle and left colic arteries

Left hemicolectomy or sigmoid colectomy. Resect from splenic flexure to rectosigmoid with left colic and sigmoidal arteries Anterior resection, low anterior resection or abdominal-sacral resection Abdominoperineal resection (Miles procedure) with sigmoid colostomy. Low anterior resection with reanastomosis if >4 cm of rectal tissue remains. Sphincter saving operations are gaining popularity

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