(1) A normal variable is assigned a score of two and an abnormal variable a score of zero. The maximal score is 10/10 and the minimal score is 0/10.

(2) Amniotic fluid volume is based upon an ultrasound-based objective measurement of the largest visible pocket. The selected largest pocket must have a transverse diameter of at least one centimeter.

Components of the Biophysical Profile


Normal (score = 2)

Abnormal (score = 0)

Nonstress test

>2 accelerations >15 beats per minute" above baseline during test lasting >15 seconds in 20 minutes

<2 accelerations

Amniotic fluid volume

Amniotic fluid index >5 or at least 1 pocket measuring 2 cm x 2 cm in perpendicular planes

AFI <5 or no pocket >2 cm x 2 cm

Fetal breathing movement

Sustained FBM (>30 seconds)

Absence of FBM or short gasps only <30 seconds total

Fetal body movements

>3 episodes of either Fmb or trunk movement

<3 episodes during test

Fetal tone

Extremities in flexion at rest and >1 episode of extension of extremity, hand or spine with return to flexion

Extension at rest or no return to flexion after movement

A total score of 8 to 10 is reassuring; a score of 6 is suspicious, and a score of 4 or less is ominous. Amniotic fluid index = the sum of the largest vertical pocket in each of four quadrants on the maternal abdomen intersecting at the umbilicus.

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