History of present pregnancy

1. Estimated date of confinement (EDC) is calculated as 40 weeks from the first day of the LMP.

2. Fetal heart tones are first heard with a Doppler instrument 10-12 weeks from the LMP.

3. Quickening (maternal perception of fetal movement) occurs at about 17 weeks.

4. Uterine size before 16 weeks is an accurate measure of dates.

5. Ultrasound measurement of fetal size before 24 weeks of gestation is an accurate measure of dates.

6. Prenatal history. Medical problems during this pregnancy should be reviewed, including urinary tract infections, diabetes, or hypertension.

7. Antepartum testing. Nonstress tests, contraction stress tests, biophysical profiles.

8. Review of systems. Severe headaches, scotomas, hand and facial edema, or epigastric pain (preeclampsia) should be sought. Dysuria, urinary frequency or flank pain may indicate cystitis or pyelonephritis.

C. Obstetrical history. Past pregnancies, durations and outcomes, preterm deliveries, operative deliveries, prolonged labors, pregnancy-induced hypertension should be assessed.

D. Past medical history of asthma, hypertension, or renal disease should be sought.

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