BetahCG less than 1500 IUL

1. A serum beta-hCG concentration less than 1500 IU/L with a TVS examination that is negative should be followed by repetition of both of these tests in three days to follow the rate of rise of the hCG. Beta-hCG concentrations usually double every 1.5 to two days until six to seven weeks of gestation in viable intrauterine pregnancies (and in some ectopic gestations). A beta-hCG concentration that does not double over 72 hours associated with a repeat TVS examination that does not show an intrauterine gestation means that the pregnancy is nonviable, such as an ectopic gestation or intrauterine pregnancy that is destined to abort. A normal intrauterine pregnancy is not present and medical treatment of EP can be initiated.

2. A normally rising beta-hCG concentration should be evaluated with TVS until an intrauterine pregnancy or an ectopic pregnancy can be demonstrated.

3. A falling beta-hCG concentration is most consistent with a failed pregnancy (eg, arrested pregnancy, blighted ovum, tubal abortion, spontaneously resolving EP). Weekly beta-hCG concentrations should be monitored until the result is negative for pregnancy.

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