Endocervical cells not present The presence

of metaplastic and endocervical cells indicates adequate sampling of the transformation zone of the cervix, the area at risk for neoplasia. Most women without an endocervical/transformation zone component present should be screened with a repeat Pap test in 12 months. However, repeat testing in six months is advised in the following situations:

a. A previous Pap smear result of ASC-US or worse without three subsequent negative Pap smears.

b. A previous Pap smear with an unexplained glandular abnormality.

c. An HPV test result positive for a high-risk type within the previous 12 months.

d. Inability to clearly visualize or sample the endocervical canal.

e. Immunosuppression.

f. Insufficient frequency of previous screening (eg, failure to be screened at least biennially).

3. Blood or inflammation present. Women with partially obscuring blood or inflammation should have a repeat test in six months if they meet any of the above criteria.

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