A. Athletic women should be counseled on the need for increased caloric intake or reduced exercise. Resumption of menses usually occurs.

B. Nonathletic women who are underweight should receive nutritional counseling and treatment of eating disorders.

C. Hyperprolactinemia is treated with a dopamine agonist. Cabergoline (Dostinex) or bromocriptine (Parlodel) are used for most adenomas. Ovulation, regular menstrual cycles, and pregnancy may usually result.

D. Ovarian failure should be treated with hormone replacement therapy.

E. Hyperandrogenism is treated with measures to reduce hirsutism, resume menses, and fertility and preventing endometrial hyperplasia, obesity, and metabolic defects.

F. Asherman's syndrome is treated with hysteroscopic lysis of adhesions followed by long-term estrogen administration to stimulate regrowth of endometrial tissue.

References: See page 184.

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