Factors influencing fetal weight

A. Gestational age. Post-term pregnancy is a risk factor for macrosomia. At 42 weeks and beyond, 2.5% of fetuses weigh more than 4,500 g. Ten to twenty percent of macrosomic infants are post-term fetuses.

B. Maternal weight. Heavy women have a greater risk of giving birth to excessively large infants. Fifteen to 35% of women who deliver macrosomic fetuses weigh 90 kg or more.

C. Multiparity. Macrosomic infants are 2-3 times more likely to be born to parous women.

D. Macrosomia in a prior infant. The risk of delivering an infant weighing more than 4,500 g is increased if a prior infant weighed more than 4,000 g.

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