A. The prevalence of asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnant and nonpregnant women is 5 to 9 percent. If asymptomatic bacteriuria is not treated, pyelonephritis will develop in 20 to 40 percent of pregnant patients. This rate of progression to symptomatic disease is three- to fourfold higher than in nonpregnant women.

B. Microbiology. Escherichia coli is responsible for 60 to 90 percent of cases of asymptomatic bacteriuria, cystitis, and pyelonephritis.

C. Asymptomatic Bacteriuria refers to the isolation of >100,000 CFU of a single organism/mL from a midstream-voided specimen in a woman without UTI symptoms. It occurs in 5 to 9 percent of pregnancies, usually developing in the first month of gestation.

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