Routine administration of D immunoglobulin

A. Abortion. D sensitization may be caused by abortion. D sensitization occurs more frequently after induced abortion than after spontaneous abortion, and it occurs more frequently after late abortion than after early abortion. D sensitization occurs following induced abortion in 4-5% of susceptible women. All unsensitized, D-negative women who have an induced or spontaneous abortion should be treated with D immunoglobulin unless the father is known to be D negative.

B. Dosage of D immunoglobulin is determined by the stage of gestation. If the abortion occurs before 13 weeks of gestation, 50 mcg of D immunoglobulin prevents sensitization. For abortions occurring at 13 weeks of gestation and later, 300-mcg is given.

C. Ectopic pregnancy can cause D sensitization. All unsensitized, D-negative women who have an ectopic pregnancy should be given D immunoglob-ulin. The dosage is determined by the gestational age, as described above for abortion.

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