Atypical glandular cells

A. A report of atypical glandular cells (AGC) indicates the presence of glandular cells that could originate from the endocervical or endometrial region. AGC is divided into two subcategories:

1. AGC (specify endocervical, endometrial, or glandular cells not otherwise specified [NOS]).

2. AGC, favor neoplastic (specify endocervical or NOS).

B. Additional categories for glandular cell abnormalities are:

1. Endocervical adenocarcinoma in situ (AIS).

2. Adenocarcinoma.

C. Significance. A smear with adenocarcinoma in situ is associated with a premalignant or malignant lesion of the endocervix or endometrium in 10 to 39 percent of cases.

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