Oxytocin challenge test

a. The oxytocin challenge test (OCT) is done by intravenously infusing dilute oxytocin until three contractions occur within ten minutes. The test is interpreted as follows:

b. A positive test is defined by the presence of late decelerations following 50 percent or more of the contractions c. A negative test has no late or significant variable decelerations d. An equivocal-suspicious pattern consists of intermittent late or significant variable decelerations, while an equivocal-hyperstimulatory pattern refers to fetal heart rate decelerations occurring with contractions more frequent than every two minutes or lasting longer than 90 seconds e. An unsatisfactory test is one in which the tracing is uninterpretable or contractions are fewer than three in 10 minutes f. A positive test indicates decreased fetal reserve and correlates with a 20 to 40 percent incidence of abnormal FHR patterns during labor. An equivocal-suspicious test with repetitive variable decelerations is also associated with abnormal FHR patterns in labor, which are often related to cord compression due to oligohydramnios.

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