Preterm Labor Threatened or Actual

III. Initial assessment to determine whether patient is experiencing preterm labor

A. Assess for the following:

1. Uterine activity

2. Rupture of membranes

3. Vaginal bleeding

4. Presentation

5. Cervical dilation and effacement

6. Station

B. Reassess estimate of gestational age

IV. Search for a precipitating factor/cause

V. Consider specific management strategies, which may include the following:

A. Intravenous tocolytic therapy (decision should be influenced by gestational age, cause of preterm labor and contraindications)

B. Corticosteroid therapy (eg, betamethasone, in a dosage of 12 mg IM every 24 hours for a total of two doses)

C. Antibiotic therapy if specific infectious agent is identified or if preterm premature rupture of the membranes

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