Incised Stab Wounds

An incised-stab wound is a stab wound that is converted to an incised (slashing) wound. The wound starts out as a stab wound with the knife plunged into the body. The knife, instead of being immediately withdrawn, is pulled toward the assailant, slicing through the tissue, extending the length of the

Figure 7.18 Inconspicuous single ice pick wound in front of ear. Ice pick perforated vertebral artery.

wound in the skin such that the wound is now longer than deep. This is accomplished in one continuous flowing movement. In Figure 7.19, the deceased was stabbed on the right side of the neck with the tip of the knife penetrating into the third cervical vertebra. The knife was then pulled anteriorly, toward the assailant, slicing through skin, muscle and the jugular veins.

Usually, one cannot tell the direction the knife was drawn through the tissue from examination of the wound alone. The only way a differentiation can be made is if there is a nick or forked configuration to one end of the wound. If present, this indicates that the blade was drawn toward this end.

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