The Eyes and Eyelids

Surgical removal of corneas or the globes of the eyes shortly after death can result in hemorrhage into the eyelids indistinguishable from antemortem traumas (Figure 4.7A). Removal of vitreous shortly after death can result in scleral hemorrhage at the puncture site (Figure 4.7B).

Figure 4.7 (A) Hemorrhage into eyelids following removal of corneae. (B) Scleral hemorrhage following removal of vitreous.

Confluent hemorrhage in eyelids can occur after death in cases of head trauma with fracture of the orbital plates. One can prove this by taking the body of an individual with skull fractures, but without hemorrhage in the eyelids, and placing it face down for a number of hours. Blood will drain from the cranial cavity through the orbital plate fractures into the eyelids.

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