Transport of the Body

Prior to transporting the body from the scene, paper bags should be placed on the hands to preserve any trace evidence that might be clutched in them or beneath the fingernails. Paper bags should be used instead of plastic, because there will be condensation of moisture inside plastic bags as the body is shifted from cold to warm environments. In addition to covering the hands, the body should be wrapped in a clean white sheet or placed in a clean body bag. This serves two purposes: to prevent loss of trace evidence from the body in transporting it to the morgue, and to prevent the body from picking up debris from the vehicle transporting the body that might subsequently be confused with legitimate trace evidence.

Nipple Stabbed
Figure 18.2 (A &B) A 39-yr-old prostitute stabbed and beaten. Nipples cut off and "skinned" in pubic and perineal region.

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How To Reduce Acne Scarring

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