Tumor and Trauma

There is no medical proof that a single traumatic event can give rise to a malignant tumor.80 However, a causal relation between head trauma, such as a fracture of the skull, and the subsequent development of a meningioma

Figure 3.17 Rupture of tubal pregnancy with massive hemoperitoneum in 28-year-old female. Incidental finding: teratoma of ipsilateral ovary.
Figure 3.18 Aneurysm of right femoral artery with erosion through skin, perforation, and exsanguination in a 75-year-old male. Second uneroded aneurysm visible in left inguinal region.

has been suggested, with Schiffer et al. reporting three such cases.81 Trauma has also been linked to the metastatic spread of a preexisting malignant tumor. Multiple episodes of trauma in conjunction with other factors may cause cancer, for example, chronic irritation of the skin and squamous cell carcinoma. If, under the category of trauma, one includes radiation (including ultraviolet light), carcinogenic chemicals, and chronic exposure to heavy metals, there is no doubt that, with repeated exposure, an individual can develop a malignant tumor.80

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