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Related to: (Specify: threat to self-concept, change in health status of child, hospitalization and surgery of child.)

Defining Characteristics: (Specify: increased apprehension and expressed concern about future infertility and effect on body image, presence of empty scrotum and smaller size, expressed concern about impending surgery or need for future surgery and procedure performed to correct abnormality.)

Goal: Client will experience decreased anxiety by (date and time to evaluate). Outcome Criteria

V Parents verbalize decreased anxiety about child's undescended testes. NOC: Anxiety Control


Assess source and level of anxiety Provides information about anxiety and how it is manifested; need for level and need for interventions information that will relieve to relieve it; source for the anxiety. parents include fear and uncertainty about treatment and recovery; source for child include embarrassment by different shape and size of scrotum after school age.

Allow expression of concerns and Provides opportunity to vent opportunity to ask questions about feelings and fears and secure diagnosis, procedures, effect of information to reduce anxiety.

abnormal placement on testes and future fertility.

Communicate with parents (and child) and answer questions calmly and honestly; use pictures, models and drawings as aids where helpful in explanations.

Give parents (and child) as much input in decisions about care and routines as possible.

Provide as much privacy to the child as possible during assessments.

Promotes calm and supportive trusting environment.

Allows for more control over situation.

Promotes comfort and prevents embarrassment.

Inform parents that surgery is usually performed after the age of 1 but may be done during the preschool years by the age of 5 if testes have not spontaneously descended on their own. infertility.

Teach about procedure to the parents (and child).

(Reassure child that his penis will remain in place and that the surgery will not affect the penis in any way.)

Instruct parents and child in activity restrictions and play appropriate to age and trauma of surgery (as ordered, specify).

(Demonstrate and teach self-

examination of testes and allow for return demonstration; inform to report any change felt.)

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