Ineffective Coping And Compromised Family Coping

Related to: (Specify: for the child: separation from family, friends, home, and school activities; loss of control, altered self-image, altered body image, altered self-esteem, and altered sense of self-confidence. For the parents: uncertainty of child's future, sense of helplessness and powerlessness, multiple family stressors and demands [related to child's health care needs].)

Defining Characteristics: (Specify: for the child: depression, anxiety, withdrawn, excessive outbursts of temper, insecurity, sleep and/or eating disturbances, regressive behaviors, behavioral problems [acting out], denial, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, nonadherence with treatment. For parents: shock, disbelief, anger, guilt, numbness, denial, ambivalence, bargaining, overprotectiveness, grief for the loss of their healthy child, anticipatory grief for the potential loss of their child.)

Goal: Family and child will cope more effectively by (date and time to evaluate). Outcome Criteria

V Family and child identify stressors.

V Family and child verbalize 3 effective coping mechanisms to use.

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