NIC Family Integrity Promotion

infant/child prolonged illness. Identifies coping methods that work and need to develop new coping skills.

Reduces anxiety and enhances family's understanding of infant's condition.

Provides for reduction of anxiety and fear of equipment used in care.

Encourages bonding and assists in coping with infant/child hospitalization if family unable to stay.

Promotes comfort of family.

Provides support and resources for financial or infant/child care relief.

Encourages parents and family to participate in care and gain some control over the situation.

Promotes behavior change and adaptation to care of infant with oxygen dependence.

Chronic anxiety, fatigue will affect health and care capabilities of family.

Reduces anxiety of parents and family and anticipates need for knowledge about disease and care.

Provides family with resource in crisis situation.

Empowers family to manage emergency situation and maintain safe oxygen administration.

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