NIC Self Esteem Enhancement

Ho'oponopono Certification

Power of Positive Thoughts

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Provides opportunity to vent feelings and reduce negative feelings about changes in appearance.

Enhances body image and confidence.

Reveals responses to body image changes and possible poor adjustment to chances.

Promotes trust and demonstrates respect for child.

Encourages acceptance of the child with special needs (must deal with long-term steroid therapy and its side effects, lifelong activity restrictions).

Provides correct information to assist in dealing with negative feelings about body.

Promotes child's sense of wellbeing and of belonging and having control of life events by allowing participation in normal activities for age and enhancing developmental task achievement.

Prevents stigmatization of child by those who are not apprised of the child's disease; attitude of others will affect child's body image.

Preserves body image by covering head if alopecia is present.

Assists in improving self-esteem and in learning, coping and problem solving skills.

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