NOC Activity Tolerance

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Natural Anxiety Attacks Treatment System

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Assess presence of weakness and Provides information about fatigue caused by respiratory energy reserves as dyspnea and

Promotes understanding of what is happening during attack and the possible causes in order to allay anxiety.

Reduces anxiety caused by fear of suffocation.

Prevents unnecessary anxiety that results from inaccurate information or beliefs.

Provides anticipatory teaching that assists parents and child in preventing attacks.


Schedule and provide rest periods in a quiet environment.

Disturb only when necessary, perform all care at one time instead of spreading over a long period of time, avoid performing any care or procedures during an attack.

Provide for quiet play, reading, TV, games while at rest.

Explain reason for need to conserve energy and avoid fatigue to parents and child.

Instruct in planning a schedule for bathing, feeding, rest that will conserve energy and prevent attack or promote resolution of an attack.

Inform of activity or exercise restrictions if these trigger attack; suggest medically approved activities (swimming, bicycling).

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