NOC Anxiety Control


Assess source and level of anxiety and how anxiety is manifested; need for information that will relieve anxiety (use a scale).

Encourage expression of concerns and questions about condition, procedures, and surgery.

Communicate with parents and answer questions calmly and honestly; use pictures, drawings, and models for explanations.

Encourage parents to stay with child and assist in care and feeding.

Give parents as much input in decisions about care and routines as possible.

Provide consistent care of infant


Provides information about anxiety level and need for interventions to relieve it; sources for the parent(s) include fear and uncertainty about treatment and recovery, guilt for presence of illness.

Provides opportunity to vent feelings and fears and secure information to reduce anxiety.

Promotes calm and supportive trusting environment.

Allows parents to care for and support child and continue parental role.

Allows for more control over situation.

Promotes trust and reduces with familiar staff assigned for care.

Inform parents of disease process, physical effects and symptoms of illness.

Explain reason for each pre and postoperative procedure or type of therapy, diagnostic tests, surgical procedure and rationales including IV, NG tube, dressings that will be in place.

Teach parents about surgical procedure (pyloromyotomy).

Demonstrate and teach parents about wound care and dressing changes and allow for return demonstration; apply and pin diaper low or use a urine collecting system to maintain dry dressing and wound.

Teach parents to report redness, swelling, or drainage at wound site.

Teach parents about feeding after NG tube removed and allow to feed clear liquids slowly and frequently and progress to formula or breast milk expressed by mother or to limit nursing to 5 minutes and gradually increase until previous pattern established, as ordered.

Instruct parents to hold infant upright and use nipple that does not flow too rapidly, burp frequently, and place on right side or abdomen after feeding.

Inform parents to sponge bathe infant until incision heals.

Reassure parents and offer praise for their care of infant.

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