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Assess family anxiety level, erratic behaviors (anger, tension, disorganization) perception of crisis situation.

Assess family coping methods used and perceived effectiveness.

Encourage expression of feelings and provide factual information about infant apnea.

Assist family to identify and use 3 techniques to cope with and solve problems and gain control over the situation (specify suggestions).

Reinforce appropriate coping behaviors.

Suggest to parents that over-protective behaviors may hinder growth and development during infancy.

Reinforce need to maintain health of family members and social contacts.


Identifies information affecting ability of family to cope with infant apnea and monitoring.

Identifies need to develop new coping skills if existing methods are ineffective in changing exhibited behaviors.

Reduces anxiety and enhances family's understanding of condition.

Provides support for problem solving and management of situation.

Promote behavior change and adaptation to care of infant during apnea.

Enhances family understanding of condition and adverse effects of behaviors.

Provides information about chronic anxiety, fatigue, and isolation as result of infant care and about their effects on health and care capabilities of family.

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