NOC Knowledge Disease Process


Assess knowledge of disease, type of treatments, effect on all systems, and medical regimen.

Teach parents and child about the disease process, effect on connective tissue and all systems, and treatment regimen needed to maintain remission.

Teach parents and child about the administration and side effects of anti-inflammatories and immunosuppressant drugs (specify), not to decrease or skip the dose if side effects appear, and the need to adjust dosage during stressful situations.

Teach parents and child about activity restrictions or moderate activities allowed and to weigh one activity against another as appropriate for the child.

Teach child to avoid sun exposure directly, through clouds, or reflected from water or snow; to use special sun screen or brimmed or visored hat to protect face.

Teach clients about child's need to take naps and have 8 hours of sleep/ night; avoid fatigue or stressful situations; avoid medica-tions such as sulfonamides, tetracyclines, anticonvulsants, and others that cause an exacerbation.

Teach parents and child to report bruising, petechiae, elevated temperature, blood in urine or stool, increased irritability, vomiting, inability or remission in taking medications, respiratory or urinary


Provides information needed to understand this complex disease and adjust long-term treatment and restrictions.

Provides information about known facts related to the disease to enhance knowledge of potential for exacerbations that may lead to early death.

Promotes understanding of long-term medication regimen even when affected by undesirable side effects; an abrupt withdrawal of the medication may cause a serious physiologic complication.

Prevents exacerbation of the symptoms while considering the long-term difficulty the child faces when activities are restricted.

Prevents skin eruptions/reactions common to this disease when exposed to the sun.

Prevents exacerbations of the disease symptoms.

Provides for early interventions if complications occur.


Refer to community agencies or American Lupus Society for contact and support.

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