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V Client verbalizes signs and symptoms of UTI and expected treatment regimen.

NOC: Knowledge: Disease Process


Assess parents' knowledge of age-related signs and symptoms of UTI, associated anatomy effects related to UTI (girls vs. boys); assess history and past treatments for UTI, compliance of previous UTI management.

Teach parents about causes of the infection and predisposing factors; to be alert to dysuria, frequency, urgency, fever, foul odor to urine, cloudiness of urine, enuresis in the toilet trained child or flank pain, chills and fever, abdominal distention; and to report the presence of these signs and symptoms to physician.

Teach parents how to collect a midstream urine specimen for laboratory analysis before and after antibiotic therapy.

Teach parents (and child) in antibiotic therapy and to take full course of medication.

Teach parents and child to avoid bubble baths and tub baths and take showers; to wipe female from front to back and instruct child to do same after toileting.

Instruct child to void frequently and increase daily fluids according to age (specify), include fluids that are acidic (citrus and cranberry juice).

Teach parents and child to avoid wearing tight nonabsorbable undergarments.

If diagnostic tests are to be performed, provide information about type of procedure, reason for procedure to be done, what to expect during procedure, after care following procedure.

Instruct parents to obtain urine for analysis from the first morning void.


Provides information needed to develop plan of instruction to ensure compliance of medical regimen; UTI commonly occur in females and are prone to recurrent episodes; vesicoureteral reflux predisposes to UTI.

Provides information that indicates lower or upper urinary tract infection.

Reveals presence of infection and identifies organism responsible and if treatment is effective or needs changing.

Provides information about medication therapy for effective resolution of infection and prevention of relapse.

Provides information about prevention of recurrence of infection and irritation to the urethra.

Prevents retention and stasis of urine which predisposes to infection; fluids flush out bacteria and acidic fluids change pH of urine from alkaline to acid.

Predisposes to harboring of bacteria, entry and ascending into urinary tract.

Prepares child and parents for procedures to diagnosis anatomic abnormalities that may be the source of UTI.

The first morning void is considered the most accurate for assessing growth of organisms; urine specimens will show a decline in

Teach parents to avoid giving the child caffeine beverages and carbonated beverages.

Instruct sexually active adolescents to void immediately after sexual intercourse.

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