Readiness For Enhanced Organized Infant Behavior

Related to: Increasing stability of autonomic, motor, and state responses to environmental cues.

least stress for the child.

Teaching helps the parent and child to maintain optimal health.

More than one measure is necessary to gain an accurate evaluation of development.

Anticipatory guidance helps the parent to support the child's development.

Positive reinforcement may help maintain the desired behavior.

Written information can be read at leisure and provides reinforcement of teaching.

Encouragement helps the parent to seek information and care in a timely manner.

Describe rationale for specific referral.

Defining Characteristics: (Specify, e.g., parent reports that the infant has established a sleep/wake pattern; infant responds to visual and auditory cues; infant demonstrates ability to console self, etc.)

Goal: The infant will continue to adapt appropriately to environmental stimuli by (date/time to evaluate goal).

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