Risk For Deficient Fluid Volume

Related to: Excessive losses.

Defining Characteristics: (Specify: vomiting, diarrhea, excessive renal excretion, dry skin and mucous membranes, weight loss, decreased urinary output, altered intake, sunken fontanels in infant, decrease of tears and saliva, sunken soft eyeballs, nasogastric suction, fistula.)

Related to: Factors influencing fluid needs.

Defining Characteristics: (Specify: hypermetabolic states, temperature elevation [diaphoresis], increased insensible loss [respirations, perspirations], failure to absorb or reabsorb water, excessive renal excretion, extremes of age, water output exceeds intake.)

Related to: Medications.

Defining Characteristics: (Specify: use of diuretics, administration of IV fluids containing NaCl.) Goal: Client will maintain fluid balance by (date and time to evaluate). Outcome Criteria

V Intake equals output.

V Mucous membranes are moist, elastic skin turgor (specify for infant: fontanels flat).

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