Risk For Infection

Related to: Lack of completed immunizations.

Defining Characteristics: Infant/child has not received all immunizations against childhood illnesses (specify age and appropriate immunizations for age).

Goal: Infant/child will not experience infection with preventable childhood illnesses by (date/time to evaluate). Outcome Criteria

V Infant/child receives all immunizations appropriate for age (specify which immunizations and when they should be completed).

V Infant/child does not experience infection with preventable childhood illnesses. NOC: Immunization Behavior


Assess infant/child's current immunization status.

Teach parent about the benefits of childhood immunization against preventable illnesses. Provide written information about immunization. Administer immunizations as ordered by the caregiver (specify drug, dose, route, and timing) providing the least traumatic care (specify based on developmental level).

Observe for side effects and teach parent to provide relief as ordered by caregiver (specify, e.g., Tylenol as ordered for discomfort).

Teach parent (and child if age-appropriate) to practice good hygiene (specify, e.g., handwashing, bathing, kitchen hygiene, etc.).

Encourage parent to provide optimal nutrition and a balance between rest and activity for the infant/ child (specify).

Offer praise and encouragement to parent and child for taking good


Provides baseline data about immunization needs. Informed parents are able to make good decisions for their child.

Specify action of particular agent in preventing infection. Relate principles of growth and development to method of giving immunization.

Specify side effects of particular agent and action of Tylenol or other relief measures.

Teaching empowers the parent and child to take responsibility for health. Specify how infection is prevented by specific teachings.

A well-nourished and rested infant/ child is less susceptible to infection and better able to respond effectively.

Positive reinforcement helps ensure that behavior will continue.

care of the child's health.

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