Treatment For Sickle Cell Anemia

Hydration: given for hemodilution to treat/prevent sickle cell crisis. Analgesics: to prevent/treat pain crisis.

Immunizations: should receive all recommended childhood immunizations; should also receive: pneumococcal (at 2 years of age and a booster at 5 years of age); Haemophilus influenzae, type B (is given to all infants at 2 months of age); and meningococcal vaccine (at 2 years of age).

Folate Replacement: is given for the treatment of aplastic type of sickle cell crisis.

Blood Transfusions: packed RBC transfusions are used to replace prematurely destroyed red cells and to diminish the percentage of hemoglobin S (sickled hemoglobin). It is primarily used with severe complications (i.e., stroke, progressive hypoxia, pulmonary disease, or in severe hemolysis).

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