Papillary Squamous Cell Carcinoma [80523

Papillary squamous cell carcinoma is another rare variant of cervical squamous cell carcinoma, presenting the gross and histological appearance of a benign papilloma undergoing dysplastic cellular change (compare Figs. 128 and 129). Beneath the papillary dysplasia, strands of invasive carcinoma can be detected (Randall et al. 1986; Brinck et al. 2000). Diagnosis of invasion, therefore, depends upon examining the entire papillary lesion.

This papillary carcinoma of squamous cell type should not be confused with the serous papillary carcinoma (serous adenocarcinoma) of glandular type (see p. 153).

Small Cell Carcinoma
Fig. 158. Small cell carcinoma. H&E
Squamous Cancer Blood Cells PicturePoorly Differentiated Invasive Carcinoma
Fig. 161. Small cell carcinoma, extensive lymphatic invasion. H&E
Spindle Cell CarcenomaSpindle Squamous
Fig. 163. Large cell nonkeratinizing carcinoma, poorly differentiated, with spindle-shaped cellular appearance. H&E
Spindle Cell CarcenomaInvasive Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Fig. 167a. Large cell nonkeratinizing carcinoma, moderately differentiated. H&E
Spindle Cell CarcenomaCancer Gum Line
Fig. 168. Large cell keratinizing carcinoma. H&E
P16 Immunostain Squamous Cell CarcinomaPearls Reaction
Fig. 170. Large cell keratinizing carcinoma. H&E
Pearls Reaction
Fig. 171. Large cell keratinizing carcinoma of reserve cell type. Immunohistochemical reaction for CEA
Cell Differentiation
Fig. 172. Large cell keratinizing carcinoma. H&E
P16 Immunostain Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Fig. 173. Large cell keratinizing carcinoma, same case as in Fig. 171. Diffuse positivity for p16INK4a, negative reaction in squamous pearls. p16INK4a immunostain
Large Cell Nonkeratinizing
Fig. 174. Intermediate form between small and large cell carcinoma. H&E
Verrucous CarcinomaSquamous Hyperplasia
Fig. 176. Large cell pleomorphic carcinoma. H&E
Squamous Cell Carcinoma Life Expectancy
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