Clinical Course And Prognosis

The clinical course is rather unpredictable and still not clear due to the paucity of cases with long-term follow-up (6). In some patients, the disease runs a benign protracted course with long-term complete remission following treatment. In other instances, the neoplasm progresses rapidly with local or systemic spread. Involvement of lymph nodes, liver, and central nervous system may occur. In addition, PCP may be a precursor of multiple myeloma (MM), even if the complete work-up at the initial presentation is negative. There are no clear-cut prognostic factors which indicate a possible aggressive course of the disease. Cases with multiple skin lesions are thought to show more aggressive behavior, especially if the neoplastic cells produce monoclonal IgA (2,5,10).

Primary cutaneous plasmacytoma

Clinical features Middle-aged or elderly patients Male predominance Multiple or solitary nodules or plaques Histological features

Nonepidermotropic diffuse or nodular infiltrate of variably mature and atypical plasma cells. Russell and Dutcher bodies Immunophenotype

CD79a+, CD20-, CD138+, CKs+, CLA-, Ig (cytoplasmic), monoclonal expression of k or l Molecular biology

IgH rearrangement variably detected


Excision, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy Clinical course Unpredictable

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