Clinical Parameters

The most important clinical parameter is the stage of the disease, as discussed in Chapter 11 (1,2). TNM stages 1 and 2 do much better than stages with erythroderma or extracutaneous involvement stages 3 and 4.

Other prognostic parameters are ulceration of tumors (3), bone marrow involvement (4), size of atypical circulating cells (<11 nm, >11 nm) (5), and percentage of T cells in the peripheral blood (more or less than 55%) (6). Detection of a peripheral blood T-cell clone seems to be an independent prognostic marker in mycosis fungoides (7).

Demographic factors


Occupation in manufacturing industry

Clinical parameters T-stages

Percentage of skin involvement

Ulceration of skin lesions

Involvement of lymph nodes and visceral organs

Bone marrow involvement

Peripheral blood involvement

Size of atypical circulating cells (nm)

Percentage of T cells in the peripheral blood

Oral manifestation



Nuclear volume (nm3)

Large cell lymphoma (LCL)

Cytological transformation

Tumor thickness

Granulomatous features


DNA cytophotometry


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