Cutaneous Tcell Lymphomas

The most common cutaneous T-cell lymphomas (CTCL) is mycosis fungoides (MF). Most studies on epidemiology of CL refer to MF and most have been hampered by methodological issues (37). The increase in frequency of this subtype of CL is probably due to overdiagnosing MF by including non-MF CTCL and other conditions such as parapsoriasis into this group. Weinstock and others have reviewed the epidemiology of MF (17,37,38). The incidence from 1973 through 1992 in the United States was 0.36/100,000 persons per year. The age-adjusted incidence rate ratio of blacks to whites was 1.7 and that of Asians to whites was 0.6. There was no evidence of increasing incidence rates during the period 1983 through 1992 and stabilizing

Table 1 Summary of the Literature About the Incidence of Cutaneous Lymphomas

Author group (Ref.)

Geographic region

Classification used

Time span

Incidence per 100,000 per year

Clinical epidemio-logic


Brennan and Coates (10)

Weinstock and Gardstein (11)

Sukpanichnant and Sonakul (12)

Weinstock and Reynes (13) Dobson and Hancock (14) Ortega and Verastegui (15)

Iscovich et al. (16)

New South Wales, Australia USA


USA UK Mexico


US A/Asia/ Europe

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