Premalignant form of parapsoriasis with a tendency to evolve into mycosis fungoides or other CTCLs in up to 50% of the cases. Synonyms: Prereticulotic poikiloderma, parapsoriasis en grandes plaques poikilodermiques; poikiloderma vasculare atrophicans; parapsoriasis lichenoides; parakeratosis variegata.

Poikiloderma Vasculare Atrophicans
Figure 1 Large plaque parapsoriasis: large erythematous and scaling plaques with slight poikiloderma on the buttocks.
Figure 2 Large plaque parapsoriasis with poikiloderma (also referred to as poikilodermia vasculare atrophicans): atrophic epidermis, telangiectatic vessels, and sparse lymphocytic infiltrate.

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