The epidermis shows marked psoriasiform hyperplasia with para- and orthohyper-keratosis, including small abscess-like formations, containing serum, some neutro-phils, and cellular debris (6). A sponge-like disaggregation to the acanthotic

Figure 2 Pagetoid epidermotropism of lymphocytes with abundant cytoplasm (halo cells).

Figure 3 In the periphery of the lesion, the tumor cells are located in the lower third of the epidermis.

epidermis by medium-sized to large atypical lymphoid cells with vacuolated, abundant cytoplasm, arranged singly or in clusters, is the hallmark of PR (7) (Fig. 2). The nuclei are large, sometimes convoluted and hyperchromatic. Mitotic figures are rare. Single cells and small clusters of tumor cells can also be observed within the epithelia of adnexal structures. Towards the center of the lesion, the diffuse bandlike infiltrate consisting of small cerebriform lymphocytes increasingly involves the upper dermis. At the margins of the lesion, tumor cells are mostly found in the lower third of the epidermis (Fig. 3).

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