Nodal mantle cell lymphoma in most cases has a diffuse or vaguely nodular pattern (2,8-10). Additionally, there are mantle cell lymphomas with a nodular growth pattern resembling follicular lymphoma and mantle cell lymphomas with a mantle zone pattern of growth (10). Cytologically, the lymphoid cells are small to medium sized,

Figure 1 Small sized lymphocytes with scant cytoplasm.

usually slightly larger than normal lymphocytes, with more dispersed chromatin, scant pale cytoplasm, and inconspicuous nucleoli (Fig. 1). The nuclei have an irregular or cleaved configuration in most cases. In a small percentage of cases, the nuclei may be small and resemble those of small lymphocytes (9). Other rare cases are dominated by lymphocytes with features of lymphoblastic lymphoma, with larger nuclei with more finely dispersed chromatin and a high mitotic rate, recongnized as blastoid variant of mantle cell lymphoma in the WHO classification (9,11).

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