Even though malignant lymphomas including cutaneous lymphomas basically are systemic neoplasms, excision of localized solitary or grouped tumors may be useful and even may lead to long lasting complete remission or even healing.

Mode of Action

Removal of the tumor bulk may allow other surveillance mechanisms to better handle or cure the systemically present, but clinically unapparent, tumor cells. Due to the systemic character of the disease, surgery certainly does not guarantee complete healing.


Cutaneous B-cell lymphomas and CD30-positive T-cell lymphomas are most often localized and thus best suited for surgery.

Practical Application

Excision can be done with local or general anesthesia. There is no need for a specific excision margin, although the lines of excision should be clinically free of disease.

Combination with Other Modalities

Surgery can be combined with adjuvant modalities to target minimal residual disease.

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