The Infinite Loop Of Lymphoma Classification

Classifications have a short half-life. Rappaport, Lukes and Collins, Kiel, REAL, WHO, and EORTC classifications and their updates are a few examples in the infinite loop of attempts to classify lymphoproliferative disorders. Even if there is no International Divine to Everyone Acceptable Lymphoma (IDEAL) classification for lymphomas that can cover the broad spectrum of nodal and extranodal lymphomas, including CL, it is best to adapt the classification of CL to the WHO

classification scheme, rather than to create a skin-specific classification system that (almost) nobody understands.

The new WHO classification lists all major nosologic entities of nodal and extranodal lymphomas, so that there is no need for a super-specialized provincial organ-specific, i.e., skin-specific, classification. In order to take into account the requirements of the patient and the physician, categorization of peripheral cutaneous T- and B-cell lymphomas within the WHO classification into grades of different biological and prognostic behavior is recommended, as presented in Chapter 20.

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