Since primary cutaneous mantle cell lymphoma is extremely rare, our knowledge of therapeutic options is limited. If localized to the skin, therapy of a single lesion may

Mantle cell lymphoma

Clinical features

Primary cutaneous involvement exceedingly rare. Nodules or plaques Histological features

Diffuse or nodular infiltrates of small to medium sized lymphoid cells with scant pale cytoplasm Immunophenotype

Cyclin D1+, CD5+, CD20+, CD79a+, CD43+, IgM+, IgD+, CD10-, CD23-, bcl-2+, bcl-6-Molecular biology

Translocation t(11;14) Treatment

Unknown Clinical course and prognosis

Primary cutaneous form unknown. Secondary form with unfavorable prognosis consist of local radiotherapy and/or surgery. Treatment of cutaneous lesions of systemic mantle cell lymphoma should directed at the underlying disease.

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