Which Target Do We Really Treat

The question if early aggressive or nonaggressive treatment is more beneficial with respect to survival time in CTCL has been decided, favoring disease control by primary nonaggressive treatment modalities (7). Topical glucocorticoids, PUVA and HN2 are effective in clearing patches and thin plaques. The question is how these treatment modalities work. Steroids and UV in the doses applied on top of the epidermis are unable to kill lymphocytes in the dermis. It is much more plausible that through these "soft" approaches, the microenvironment (e.g., pattern of cytokines released by keratinocytes) is changed leading to temporary remission of skin infiltrates without affecting the responsible pathogenetic factors, which continue to attract lymphocytes into the dermis and epidermis.

Curing Eczema Naturally

Curing Eczema Naturally

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